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How does Radiant Heat work?

Radiant Floor Heat is a heating system that consists of warm water heated by a boiler and circulated through polyethylene cross linked tubes installed in the floor. The warm water circulating through the tubes radiates heat into the floor and heats the mass of your home. This not only provides you with a warm floor but also a constant temperature throughout your home without hot and cold spots.

The tube can be installed in many different applications; in the floor with Concrete, Gyp-Crete, or custom sub-floor decking, or suspended in joist bays under the sub-floor. There are several boilers available that can be fueled by natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity.


What are the benefits of Radiant Heat?

The most noticeable difference with Radiant Heat is the pleasant feeling you experience when walking around your home barefoot. Radiant Floor Heat transfers heat into the floor and objects in contact with the floor creating a heating mass, this eliminates drafts, and hot and cold spots. By heating the mass of your home there is continuous warmth throughout every room without large temperature variations that are experienced with a forced air system. Also, Radiant Floor Heat does not blow dust and dander around because it does not use air to transfer heat.

What is the cost of a Radiant Heat System?

Radiant Heat is more expensive to install than a conventional heating system, the cost difference is subject to several variables including square footage, boiler choice, and type of installation. Important points to consider when deciding whether to install Radiant Heat are:

The comfort of a Radiant Floor Heating System is unmatched by any other heating system by providing a warm floor that radiates evenly throughout your home, air quality is improved because heat is not blown or re-circulated air throughout your home.

    -Long term cost effectiveness:
Radiant Heat Systems run more efficiently than Forced Air Systems resulting in lower heating bills. Therefore, long-term cost saving compensate for the higher starting costs

What options should I consider when choosing a Radiant Heat System?

There are several factors to consider when deciding on a Radiant Heat Contractor and System. The boiler you choose is an important decision to consider when choosing a Radiant Heat System how efficient your boiler runs directly affects the cost to heat your home, the higher the efficiency of a boiler the lower the cost to heat your home. Moser Inc. strongly believes in installing a high efficient boiler that will in turn decrease the annual heating cost of your home.

System controls are another integral part of Radiant Heat Systems efficiency, Weather responsive controls will automatically adjust the temperature in your home to the changing temperature outside, allowing your home to maintain a constant temperature in the most cost effective way possible. The quality of parts and materials will have an effect on the reliability and frequency of service your Radiant Heat System will require.

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